Install gitlab ce

hey guys, I am thinking of installing GitLab ce, we are using a ubuntu machine.
I am using Installing GitLab with Omnibus packages | GitLab guide.

So coming to database it says it has postgres by default but when it comes to web server, do i need to install nginix?

Also, i need migration of database belonging to gitlab to be done from previous machine to this machine.
it is possible right?
Also can i carry out migration from a specific date?



If you are using the omnibus package you don’t need anything. The gitlab-ce package will install everything it needs, as it’s all built into the package.

You cannot migrate the database from the old gitlab. You can only do that by upgrading your existing install. I suggest exporting all your repositories from your old install and import them into your new one, since if I remember correctly you had issues with the old installation wasn’t working properly.

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