Gitlab CE runners page is getting 500 and cannot update Network/outbound requests in Settings

Note: This issue is for documentation only. it was solved.

Hey, Im using Gitlab CE 13.2.4 on an cent OS 7 machine.
We had a problem that when we wanted to go the the runners page in the admin area, we could not. We got 500 error.

After reading the logs (using gitlab-ctl tail ) we saw that when we try to go to the runners page we got an error message about Cipher issue (from production.log).

After googling a lot to find solutions. We found this issue about the same problem in an earlier release of Gitlab (release 11 ). Getting 500 Internal error on /admin/application_settings after Gitlab upgrade [11.5.2->11.6.2] (#56403) · Issues · / GitLab FOSS · GitLab

Fortunately, This issue was the solution.

Hope that this issue will be of help to anyone who encounters the same problem we had.