Migrating old gitlab CE data to a new EE installation


I am looking for any methods, pointers or tips on how to do the following migration.

I currently have lots of projects and users running on a gitlab 7.8.0 CE server.

We intend to purchase the latest EE version. Of the documents so far read it seems there is no published upgrade path to do an in-place install of the current version over the old. Additionally it seems more sensible to build a new server and do a simple clean install of the EE version first, then migrate the data to it.

I’m hoping that there is some information available, or via expert help here, to describe the process of getting the projects from the old server to the new, and if possible being able to configure the new server with all the admin settings of the old, by better than doing it manually.

So I’d very much appreciate any contibutions you may have on this task.

thank you,


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I’m curious what you find. We’re using CE, and it seems to me that if they don’t make this dead easy then it’s a good reason NOT TO BUY EE.

Hello there Gitlab employees… WHERE ARE YOU?