Upgrade from gitlab-ce 8.0.3-ce.1 to latest

Hello friends,
I am looking forward to upgrade the gitlabs-8.0.3-ce.1 to latest stable version.
Points to consider
Current instance is installed on bare-metal centos7
I want to upgrade this to latest stable release.
Also looking forward to put this on docker.

Kindly guide me with appropriate approach doing this.



A suggested path could be

then consider moving to the dockerimage.

for more details.

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Thanks for suggestion will get back after trying it.

Hello astrachan,

Thanks for the suggestion, this seems to be working.

what my set-up is?
Rpm based omnibus installation on centos 6.8 machine on bare machine
manully downloaded and upgraded through yum update to revision (gitlab-ce-8.9.9)
then migrated to gitlab-ce-9.5.9 in same way
after that migrated gitlab-ce-10.4.0
this seems to be working fine as of now on my test machine

Planning to keep it same for sake of easy upgrade and discarding idea of going with container.