GitLab Certified Associate - Errors on issues

I can’t do question 06 of the test
Cannot promote an issue to an epic using /promote quick action

Please help me.

Hey Claudio

I was facing the same issue here, I was able to overcome this by creating the project inside a group (My Test Group in my case).
Searching the reason I find out the epics are housed at the group level, so your project have to belongs a group to epic feature works properly.

Hello @claudio0019- @viniciushmanca is correct. Epic was housed within the group structure so your project would need to be nested within a group in order to promote an issue to an epic.

I finished the exam, filled out the google forms, waited 7 business days, sent the email asking for help to, and still haven’t received a response. Can you help me please?

Hello @claudio0019 Your e-badge certification was sent out on May 20th- please check your junk/spam folders to ensure it didn’t get snagged there.