GitLab CI: Builds page does not show up in new Project when .gitlab-ci.yml file is added

I have a working instance of GitLab 8.4.4 installed on a local network machine (which I will call “server”) running Ubuntu.

I have 3 projects currently assigned to a Specific Runner and they are happily running builds when I push.

Now, I’m trying to set up builds for a 4th (similar) project, and GitLab won’t show me the “Builds” page or the “Runners” page for the project.

I have copied a .gitlab-ci.yml file into the root of the master branch of the 4th project and pushed to the server. I have also gone to the Admin Area and assigned the 4th project to the Runner.

For completeness, here is the yml file:

        # build
        - gsbuild
        # make all calls below relative to build/output
        - cd build/output
        # Check for global variables
        - python3
        - master

Note: I do most everything from the web interface, if that matters.
Also, I can’t get the above formatting to respect my indents. Sorry :frowning:

Update 2-11-16: I have added a yml file to a 5th project and everything went as normal. A push created a “Builds” page. I went to settings and Enabled the Runner. I tried recreating the yml file (with git rm, touch, git add) in project 4, but still it won’t show the interfaces. I might try cloning the repo into a whole new project tomorrow.

That’s strange :confused: Can you make sure that the Builds feature is enabled in the project’s settings?

Oh god. If it had been a snake, it would’ve bit me! :laughing:

Thanks so much axil. I have no idea how that got unchecked.

Haha, glad it was that easy to fix :slight_smile: