GitLab CI & creating a webhook/event for updating labels for issues on build & deployments

We have recently upgraded to GitLab 9 from 7.11.4. Not the path I wanted to go to in one fell swoop, but it accidentally went that way.

In our previous version, we had hooks or something set up so that when a merge request was created for an issue, a “pending” label was automatically created for that issue and target environment and when the merge was built & deployed, that label was removed and another label put in its place for the completed environment.

We use a common DEV, QA, UAT, PROD scheme & those are also Git branches so labels take the following form:

DEV (pending)
QA (pending)

You get the idea. This is all broken now and I’m not sure how to get it going again. I remember that under 7.11.4, /home/IssueManager/hooks & service was the place to go and look for these things, so I’m not sure if that process has gone away with the newly integrated CI or if something just needs to be reconfigured.

Can I turn debugging or logging on for this problem?

We still have a webhook configured for our projects, but it points to a dead URL/port (1137). I believe I’ve found the old Javascript code that does all of this, I just need to find a way to “reattach” it back to a working webhook or whatever the mechanism is now.