How-to : remove 1 label, add 1 label once set of checkboxes validated


here is my use-case :

I’m setting up a change management process using gitlab issues.

At the creation, I’m setting a tag “CAB:to-validate” (Change Advisory Board), with a quick action included in my issue template.
I also included 3 checkboxes

- [ ] Validation from Development aspects
- [ ] Validation from Operational aspects
- [ ] Validation from Business aspects

How could I automate a label change once the 3 check-boxes are ticked ?

/unlabel ~"CAB::to-approve" 
/label ~"CAB::to-perform"

Thanks in advance for your ideas !

Is there a way to automate actions on the Gitlab Issues ? for example using gitlab CI ?

I found this project : gitlab-triage, and submitted them a question Checkbox conditions ? (#240) · Issues · / GitLab Triage · GitLab