GITLAB.COM - Not able to sign in

The page is not working. I can’t access it even when using the anonym window.

Here are some screenshots:

Can you try in incognito mode to see if any plugins are causing problems? Maybe try alternate browser like Firefox also?

I can login perfectly fine, I even got the check for five seconds, that is most likely a Cloudflare feature. Other alternative, if you can, use a VPN to change your location temporarily and see if it works. If it does, then it means there is an issue from your current location not necessarily that your IP is the problem, but your nearest Cloudflare site could have issues right now. But I would try the browser stuff I mentioned first.

Hey @iwalker thanks for it!

Yesterday I did try to login in incognito and Firefox but with no success.

Fortunately the login is working again today.

OK great. Glad it’s working. It was most likely an IP issue as mentioned, albeit temporarily.

I am also having the same problem.
Currently, I and other users cannot log in to


Same problem here. Can someone at @gitlab turn this off?

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The problem happened again. I’m currently not able to access the sign in page.

Same problem here.