GITLAB community edition upgrade from version 12.1.4 to latest release

We are planning to upgrade gitlab community version from 12.1.4 to latest release.

Can someone please on steps to do on upgrade on centos 7 machine.



The docs are a good place to start: Upgrade GitLab | GitLab

And linked from the page, the upgrade path that you need to follow: Upgrade GitLab | GitLab

I’ve also linked the upgrade path tool from the version you are running: Upgrade Path

That is linked from 12.0.12 since you are in between 12.0.2 and 12.1.17. So your first step on the upgrade path is to upgrade to 12.1.17 first.

Please also ensure that background migrations have finished before attempting the next upgrade on the upgrade path. This is explained on how to check in the upgrade docs.

Packages do exists for 16.8.1 for CentOS 7, so you are OK to get to the absolute latest version. Although I would suggest at some point you will want to run the gitlab-backup command to make a backup of your Gitlab data which will be under /var/opt/gitlab/backups, also backup /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb and /etc/gitlab/gitlab-secrets.json and then copy these to a new server with perhaps Rocky 8 or Rocky 9. EL9 packages exists for 16.8.0 and higher. The difference in end of life for Rocky 8 or Rocky 9 is 2029 or 2032. So not much in it, although the extra three years do help.

The Gitlab documentation has the procedures for backup and restore of a Gitlab instance, so you may want to think about checking that out. CentOS 7 is EOL in June 2024.

Thanks Walker for detailed instructions, will follow that and if any issues faces will post over here.

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