Gitlab Docker Errors, Service Desk Question & CI Startup


I´m really new to Docker & Gitlab, coming from Subversion.
I run in meantime a Docker Container with current Gitlab CE.

First questions regarding two errors:

  1. In the Docker Logfile I see a startup error of the AlertManager:
    create memberlist: Failed to get final advertise address: No private IP address found, and explicit IP not provided
    I found some Google results but all without success.
  2. The Web IDE did not start. My Project appears on top left but the files reading is loading. In Log i don´t get an 404 error from the response like some other peoples, here I get a 200 OK but the loading process don´t continue.

Next question according the Service Desk is it in meantime or near future available on Gitlab CE?

And last but not least, for my PHP Projects I want to start with Gitlab CI? I have to run Gitlab Runner but should this be an own Docker Container or inside current Gitlab CE Container?