GITLAB ERROR 500,502 in v 16.4

after I updated gitlab self hosted from 15.x to 16.4 I noticed that the collaborators have a lot of these error codes 500 502 , I tried to restart it to see the logs but I find that everything works normally.

any suggestions?

Did you upgrade from 15.x straight to latest 16.4? There are few upgrades inbetween, there is a path, I’m pretty sure you need to upgrade to 16.3.x then 16.4.x
15.4.6 > 15.11.13 > 16.3.X > 16.4.x

you think that’s the probleme ? i should upgrade from 15.4.6 …

What version did you upgrade from? Yes there will be issues if you don’t follow the upgrade path

15.4.x to 16.3.x and finally i run just a upgrade

looks like you missed 15.11.x. are you on omnibus installation? this now might take some time to troubleshoot. do you have backups?

I get this error now !

what i have done is i just try to install the version 15.11.x under the 16.4.x