Gitlab export not working


We are using Gitlab 10.2.2 (will upgrade this weekend) Omnibus. We have a large repo that we want to migrate to lfs. We need export to be able to restore in case of problems with migration.

When I push export button in gui it says it will export and I will get email. But nothing happens. I tried in the evening when traffic is minimal and checked log files but I don’t see anything that looks wrong.

If I export some other project a see this in log files:
ProjectExportWorker JID-390f91bc516a5f0947876c79 INFO: start
ActionMailer::DeliveryJob JID-e3d0a54a0a704c2dfd7f2f38 INFO: start
ProjectExportWorker JID-390f91bc516a5f0947876c79 INFO: done: 0.746 sec
ActionMailer::DeliveryJob JID-e3d0a54a0a704c2dfd7f2f38 INFO: done: 0.695 sec

But exporting this problematic project just shows this in log files:

No errors, no jobs being killed, nothing. Can you please help. Is there some debug mode to se more logs for this. what could be the problem?

On the location where it puts other successful export it creates folder with group name and in it folder with project name and in it folfer work with folder avatarts and file VERSION.

It is Centos7 OS. Any other info needed?

BR Denis