Project export is not sending me a download link

Hello! Im trying to export a project im working on. The size of the project now is 19gb. Im trying to export it to make a backup in other place. I navigated to settings -> advanced -> export project. After i started the export, gitlab said that was going to send a download link to my email. I did this yesterday (24hs+), and yet didnt receive any link. What could be wrong here? Should i keep waiting since its a large project? Is there any way to check the export status? Thanks!

Hi Nicolas,

You can check project export status using API:

Thanks for the answer! I checked that. The “export_status” was “started” for about 8 hours, then switched to “none” with no download link. Is there any kind of log which i could see?

The export log is in /var/log/gitlab/gitlab-rails/exporter.log (see