GitLab Helm Chart deployed in on-prem / private DC Rancher Cluster

Hi there,

I have produced a very simplistic Helm Chart of Gitlab based in your own documentation, I am trying to deploy it to an RKE/Rancher 2.5.5 running in an on-prem server (testing) in addition of an instance running in a private DC (PROD), for now both are failing to deploy.

On-Prem: Rancher Storage used is Longhorn, with more than enough free space
Private DC/cloud: VMware storage agent

I am following the GitLab cloud native Helm Chart (GitLab cloud native Helm Chart | GitLab) however I dont know if some cluster preparation is missing

Is this deployment even possible to acomplish?

I am able to give any kind of info needed, docker version, rke version, cluster info, etc…