Gitlab helm external minio

I want to set up an external minio when helm installs gitlab.

I referred to that url, but it doesn’t work.

helm template gitlab ./gitlab-4.11.7.tgz --output-dir . --set global.edition=ce --set global.ingress.enabled=false --set nginx-ingress.enabled=false --set --set global.hosts.https=false --set global.minio.enabled=false --set global.appConfig.object_store.enabled=true --set global.appConfig.object_store.connection.secret=gitlab-rails-storage -f objectstorage.yaml --namespace gitlab

I used the above command

**Error: template: gitlab/templates/NOTES.txt:98:3: executing “gitlab/templates/NOTES.txt” at <include “gitlab.checkConfig” .>: error calling include: template: gitlab/templates/_checkConfig.tpl:67:54: executing “gitlab.checkConfig” at : error calling fail: **
When consolidated object storage is enabled, for each item bucket must be specified and the connection must be empty. Check the following object storage configuration(s): artifacts,lfs,uploads,packages

Use --debug flag to render out invalid YAML

I got the following error