๐Ÿ“ข GitLab Innovation Pitch Competition

The GitLab Pitch Innovation contest ends on Feb 26, 2024! Showcase your brightest ideas to our panel of judges for a chance to win prizes from our $30K prize pool :moneybag:

While youโ€™re working on your ideas, join us for the last AMA of the competition!

:date: 2024-02-23T17:00:00Zโ†’2024-02-23T17:30:00Z
:clapper: Join us on our Community Discord: GitLab Community
:paperclip: Mark your calendars: https://go.gitlab.com/LN3oE0

In order to showcase the importance of feedback and iteration, weโ€™ll be doing a sample live pitch competition complete with feedback! A GitLab team member will pitch an idea and receive feedback to refine it. Our expert hosts will also share their experiences with feedback, iterative processes, and idea validation.

See you there! :v:

:tada: The Recap video for The GitLab Innovation Pitch Competition AMA 4 - Sample Pitch Day is posted! :sparkles: Watch the AMA sample pitch competition.

If you have any questions as youโ€™re finalizing your submissions, drop them here or on the Devpost Discussions tab!

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