GitLab install over Container Station, missing URL

Hi, new here :slight_smile: and would appreciate any help.

I have set up a container station on a my QNAP NAS, in which I have installed GitLab.

Just to make clear, we are already using this NAS as a git server, but the current system seems to be unstable. We are small game dev studio, and some files are over 1 gb large so working over internet is not really an option - the rep has over 50 GBs.

So, thinking I need something local, I found some documents on the QNAP forum about GitLab. I followed the instructions exactly, but after install, there seems to be missing URL which I am supposed to go to - but it is not there. I am so close but yet so far away! Is it maybe because another git is running in the background? Or maybe because I completely missunderstood the entire purpose of GitLab?
Thank you.