Gitlab Installation for 3K

Hi guys,
Do we have any example or reference about gitlab installation for 3k users architecture on VMs?
(static inventory, playbooks etc … )
if we plan to upgrade from 13.6 to 14.x, and we are using NFS and an external postgres cluster? is it possible to install gitlab following the reference architectures and point to the old postgres and to the same nfs?


Hi @DorraBenLetayfa

you can see some official reference architectures here: Reference architectures | GitLab

For upgrades always read the official documentation Upgrading GitLab | GitLab regarding supported Postgres versions. NFS is still supported in 14.x, but not in newer versions, ref here.

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Hi @balonik thank you for your fast reply,
the GET tool that I found in the docs only supports 5k architecture, what about the other architecture? do we have playbooks for 1K, 2K and 3K?

There is examples/3k_gcp · main · / GitLab Environment Toolkit · GitLab for Google Cloud. If you need some other Public cloud or on-prem deployment you need to adjust the existing examples yourself.

Got it, Thanks a lot.