Gitlab markdown: spaces at end of line sometimes inserts a period

When I use gitlab markdown, e.g. in a wiki, I want to be able to start a new line of text.
My understanding is that two or more spaces at the end of a line = a new line when published.
However, sometimes gitlab inserts a period when I type the two spaces!
Which is a real pain, because I have to go back and delete the period, then make sure there are at least two spaces, in order for the next line of text to be on a new line when published.
Why does gitlab pseudo randomly insert a period when I type two spaces at the end of a line?
How do I make it stop doing this?
My current work around is to make my text code inside triple back ticks, which is way less than ideal.

I am still experiencing this problem, but have not received any replies to my question.

@jlapre Are you sure it isn’t your operating system that is causing the double space period behavior? At least on MacOS that is a setting. As for line breaks using GitLab markdown, that is documented here and it does not appear to involve using two spaces.

Coincidentally, I use a Mac for all the times I access GitLab.
I wasn’t aware of the auto period after two spaces preferences for MacOS.
I tried to disable it, and it appears to address my problem.

Sure thing! I’m glad it was that easy.