Non conform xhtml in atom feeds : <br>

First post here. I Tried to find the right place…

A double space at end of line in an issue is translated to <br> HTML tag.
Resulting html is used in atom feeds. And some atom feed readers are parsing feeds as XHTML.
But <br> is not XHTML.
I thought Gitlab was relying on Kramdown, but Kramdown converts the double space to
(which is XHTML).
Don’t know who is wrong. Gitlab ? That uses <br> instead of <br /> ? (but <br> is allowed in html). My Feed reader ? That parses feed as XHTML… ?

If you have any idea of what can be done (except from getting another feed reader… or stopping using double spaces at end of lines :slight_smile: )


Which atom feed are is this, @laurent.signac ?

Project Information / Activity. Then I click the RSS Feed Icon in the top right corner and obtain an url :
In this feed, double space at end of line are translated to
(instead of
Note that this is the same everywhere, not only in the feed (in your browser for instance when you read a post issue or something else). But feed readers sometimes need XHTML and
is not XHTML.

Ah, OK. I think if you are logged in, you can just open that URL without the ?feed_token=....

I see that there is already an issue up for this. It would be a good idea for you to upvote that issue and leave a comment. The more activity there is on an issue the more likely it will be that GitLab will schedule it for a fix soon.

I need the token to give the rss feed url to my rss reader.
You are right, the issue you mentioned is the same. I upvoted.

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