Gitlab mirroring from github project is not working

From last 3-4 hour gitlab can’t able to mirror the github repo.
I am seeing below error in github webhook
{“message”:“The project is not mirrored”}

Please take a look or helm me out

I have the same issue. All of my mirroring confs have disappeared and when I tried to add again, they don’t sync.

Feature got removed from free private projects.
As of 2020-03-27 9:45 UTC, private projects on the free plan are no longer eligible to use the pull mirroring feature. The free period for this feature expired 2020-03-22. Free public projects are still able to use this feature.

It doesn’t seem to be working for public projects either.

Mirroring a public GitHub repo now creates a private GitLab project without any option to change its visibility.
GitHub webhook events generated for that GitLab project error out with 400
{“message”:“The project is not mirrored”}