Mirroring from github stopped

I am mirroring github repository GitHub - mpiktas/covid19lt using pull mirroring. The mirror on Gitlab is vzemlys / covid19lt · GitLab. The mirroring is set-up in a way that gitlab only pulls the data and I never commit to the main branch.

However the mirroring got stuck and shows that the mirror was updated 5 days ago, when I know for sure that the repository on github is updated.

I tried to initiate mirroring in the repository>mirroring settings, but I was not allowed. The button is greyed out.

I tested Github integration in Integration settings and it reported success.

So I am kind of stuck. This is an open source repository which I use to track covid19 data, so I do daily data updates and rely on Gitlab CI/CD. I am open to pay for the service, if this is really a limitation of Free plan, but it would be great to understand whether this is an only solution.

Hi @vzemlys

This has happened to me a few times with a repo where I push from GitLab to GitHub. I don’t know what caused it, but I suspect something somewhere in the API changed. When I removed the mirroring config entirely and re-created it, that seemed to fix everything.

Have you tried that yet?

Yeah, I removed the mirror and then added it again. I will try changing Github integration.

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I have the same issue. Were you able to get it to work?

Nope. Changed Github token, no luck. This is highly annoying, as I rely on mirroring for my CI/CD. Even temporary fixes will require major rework. I would rather throw money at this, ie pay Gitlab, but I do not know if this even an option.

It seems as if this is a bug that has already been reported. I would suggest that you comment on the linked issue, and upvote it, which will make it more likely to be scheduled for work soon.

Hi @vzemlys - Pull Mirroring is a Premium feature, can you confirm which license you are using?


-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Pipeline Execution

I am using free tier. So this solves the mystery. Going to premium does not make sense to me, so either I apply for open source exception, or rework my project so that it does not rely on mirroring.

I use push mirroring, so I commit everything to Gitlab and it automatically pushes it to Github. Don’t know if that is an option for you. It seems you were attempting to do it the other way around. Pushing from Gitlab is free.