GitLab must implement Password Policy to increase password length, Character Variety, prompt users to change password every 90 days

Hi Team,

In our Gitlab application,

In order to incorporate the below functionality in my application, could you provide the guidelines/suggestions?

(1)    Complex passwords are required and must contain the following:
           A minimum of eight (8) characters;
           At least three (3) of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, or special characters.

    (2)    The system must prompt the users to change passwords for every 90 days.

and also Could you provide the scripts if you have?

Could you provide more information which explains step by step about the process?

Hi @vijay.gaddipati, are you integrated with Active Directory? That would be an easy way to implement such a policy.

Incidentally, mandating a regular change of passwords is no longer considered a best practice by many IT security professionals. Cf.