Gitlab omnibus upgrade from 7.12 to 10.5

Dear Support,
Recently I have upgraded my gitlab from gitlab-ce-7.12.0~omnibus.1-1.x86_64 to gitlab-ce-10.5.4-ce.0.el6.x86_64. My installation got error with postgresql, Due to upgraded postgresql while gitlab upfrade its not starting. Kindly do the needful.


Dear Support,

Adding to the above case, After migration psql not startted its showing the below error
“2018-03-19_08:29:33.93858 LOG: skipping missing configuration file “/var/opt/gitlab/postgresql/data/”
2018-03-19_08:29:33.93992 FATAL: database files are incompatible with server”
For Migration I have useed, sudo yum install gitlab-ce and its installed gitlab-ce-10.5.4-ce.0.el6.x86_64.



Have you been able to solve this? I understand that migrations from that early a release to that late a release are not recommended/supported.

Certainly, between 7.x and 10.x, your postgresql database needs to be upgraded.

I’m managing an upgrade of gitlab-ce omnibus using rpm packages through yum from 8.17.5 to 10.7, and the steps I follow are as follows:

  1. Upgrade postgresql database:
    gitlab-ctl reconfigure
    gitlab-ctl pg-upgrade
  2. Upgrade gitlab-ce to gitlab-ce-9.1.4
  3. Upgrade gitlab-ce to gitlab-ce-10.7.3

Steps 1. and 2. are straightforward for me. Step 3. fails due to the database migration taking so long: gitlab-ce’s internal chef times-out at 60 minutes and I can’t find anything to help me understand how to change that. However, I’ve found that repeatedly running gitlab-ctl reconfigure until it reports a success works. In my case, due to the size of our instance (~3,100 projects, ~70 groups, ~450 users) the full migration from gitlab-ce 9.1.4 to 10.7.3 takes ~2.5 hours (i.e. 3 runs of gitlab-ctl reconfigure.