GitLab pages 404

I have a private repository where I’ve made a simple site, but it does not work. It always gives a 404 error, and everything I tried does not work. I use Cloudflare with GitLab. I set up the DNS records correctly. This is my root:

  • .gitlab-cy.yml (HTML template)
  • bg.jpg
  • favicon.ico
  • index.html

Here’s my .gitlab-cy.yml if it matters:

  stage: deploy
  - mkdir .public
  - cp -r * .public
  - mv .public public
    - public
  - master

Please help with this. I do not know how to fix it. For important reasons I am unable to share the repo, but if it’s needed I can clone it and put it here.

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I have the same issue here. With the same HTML only .gitlab-ci.yml.

The site is supposed to be at but nothing appears.
Repository is at:

Ironically, I moved to gitlab because github failed to build my latest commit (trivial html+css)… :slight_smile: