[SOLVED] Gitlab user page shows 404 error

So I made a repo containing a simple plain HTML page and I submited to here: https://gitlab.com/XavizardKnight/xavizardknight.gitlab.io

The website should appear here: http://xavizardknight.gitlab.io/

But instead of appearing the website, it appears a 404 error page (or the Gitlab login if you are logged out).

I tried to change the “Pages” permissions to “Everyone with access” and made the repo public but the 404 still keeps showing up.

I made the website using plain HTML edited locally on my computer and then I upload it to the repo using the browser.

Any suggestions?


I solved the problem.
I missed to configure the .gitlab-ci.yml file. I added one with the default HTML template and everything started to work properly.

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