Can't view website as project or with pages enabled

I have a project called (moved it over from GitHub) which was created under my username john.

If I understand this correctly, I should be able to access it as:

(This takes me to

And once GitLab Pages are enabled, I should be able to access my website as:

(This give me a 404)

And if I visit, I get a 401 error.

In my GitLab account under “Your Projects”, my repo is listed as john/

Under Settings -> General -> “Visibility, project features, permissions”: “Project Visibility” is “private” and “Pages” is “Everyone”.

Under Settings -> Pages: The “Pages Domain” -> “Verification Status” is “Verified”.

When I “dig”, I get an ANSWER SECTION back as:


And “dig TXT” gives …

;; ANSWER SECTION: 14395 IN TXT “ TXT gitlab-pages-verification-code=5210321b24ca7bdcbc8094a8e4d0989a”

Anyone have any thoughts as to what is wrong?