Gitlab pages separate server custom domains

Does gitlab pages work with a custom domain on a secondary server?

Hello, I’m running a gitlab server that has the majority of the core of gitlab running, and a separate gitlab-pages server. I followed the documentation to set up the separate pages server, and can deploy a project’s pages to S3 storage and the pages server loads it correctly.

I added a wildcard cert to the pages server, and am able to view the pages deployments through https successfully.

However, when I’m in the gitlab project pages UI, I can add & verify a domain, but cannot ever get let’s encrypt to create a new certificate. I am guessing what is happening is the cert is trying to be made on the gitlab server (it is assuming the gitlab pages service is running on the same host).

Will there be future support to allow a secondary pages server to create the let’s encrypt certificates? It looks like everything is working except the UI to have gitlab create the certificate. It would be nice to avoid the manual certificate creation / entering process for those who have gitlab-pages running on a separate server.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.