Gitlab pages won't update site?

I’ve having issues with updating my website. After I make a new commit on my jekyll website and let gitlab-ci build my website and upload the public folder it still seems to not update my website to the latest version.

Is gitlab pages having issues these last few days? Or is it just me?

PS: The weird thing is the gitlab pages subdomain page is up to date with the latest versoin but my domain name I hosted is still on older versions? I’ve updated this yesterday and it still the old version.

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No one?

Experiencing the same issue: custom domain doesn’t update while Gitlab’s does. “last-modified” response header for my custom domain is stuck in the past while it’s recent for * Tried multiple things like retrigger pipeline, readd custom domain, readd pages without any luck (in fact it’s weird that when I remove pages/custom domain, I can still access the website). Contacted support, will see how it goes.

Yeah. Please let me know if they have any more information or reason why this is happening.
It is driving me crazy.

Hi did you find a solution for the issue by any chance? I’m currently having a similar issue the only difference is I’m hosting a plain HTML page with a custom domain.