Pipeline Queue

I have a pipeline on Gitlab.com that runs in less than 5 minutes. The most recent instance of this pipeline was triggered over an hour ago and is still pending. Is this related to the partial outage related to license scanning or is this a separate issue with Gitlab.com runners.

Earlier today pipeline performance was fine for my projects and I had no issues. This all changed about 90 minutes ago for me.

I’ve trying stopping the pipeline and starting a new one, but I’m still having the same issue.

I’m not seeing any errors. The jobs that do complete are successful as expected.

Is there was a general performance issue tracked on the status page:

I checked my stalled pipeline and it finished. Then I started a new pipeline run and it finished in about 3 minutes after a bit of a slow start.

However, it seems pipelines triggered on push are not being created in a timely manner still. If this has something to do with the large backlog of CI/CD jobs, then I guess I’ll wait a bit longer to check my pipeline.

Seems like everything is back to normal.