Gitlab Runner IP address help

My Gitlab Runners are setup by the built in Kubernetes integration. My Gitlab instance runs on and it is resolved by my DNS server to a local ip address. My runners get assigned my public ip address and I’m not sure why.

I want my Gitlab runners to be on the local network so I am not bottlenecked by my internet upload speed.

I would appreciate any advice or an explanation as to how the Kubernetes Runners get an ip address assigned.

The IP address that you see in the Runners page is the IP from which the GitLab instance got the registration request.
Check if your Kubernetes cluster is using your local DNS server and resolving your domains to local IPs. This seems as if Kubernetes cluster is resolving to public IPs and thats why it is going out and back in using public IP.

Thank you! I was able to solve this. You are exactly right. I fixed my setup by changing my host and microk8s DNS server to use my internal DNS server.