GitLab Runner on private IP

I am trying to set up a GitLab Runner on a local computer, and I have GitLab running on a public server. I registered it successfully, but the GitLab instance isn’t able to communicate with the Runner since the Runner is on a computer without a public IP address.

Is there any built-in way to solve this issue? If not, would the best solution be to set up a VPN between the two?

Runners talk to Gitlab, not the other way around, so it’s OK for the runner to be on a private IP. If you’ve already registered the runner, that means Gitlab must have talked to it at some point, so there’s probably some other issue.

I’ve had issues where it wouldn’t work until I start the runner on the command line (e.g. gitlab-runner run) at least once to get it to work, before it would work via the daemon.

I’ve also had problems with conflicting config.toml files (for instance, a user config.toml, perhaps from running gitlab-runner without using sudo conflicting with the root config.toml file)


Ah I see what the issue was now. Thank you for clarifying that!