Gitlab runners on AWS?

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Whats the best practice for creating scaling runners on AWS?

I would have thought the documentation would have shown how to easilly create a EKS cluster and link it to GitLab, but the first documentation page I followed after clicking “New EKS Cluster” told me EKS was deprecated. WTF?

The documentation under GitLab Runner itself mentioned docker machine running on EC2 and Fargate, with a lot of setup.

Seriously - whats the way forward?

More to the point, this button doesn’t look deprecated.

So what the hell

Difficult to see from your screenshots what page you are on. I googled, and got this link: Connect EKS clusters through cluster certificates (DEPRECATED) | GitLab which shows:

I’m assuming you mean this, since EKS through cluster certificates is deprecated. Clicking the Infrastructure as Code, then gets to this page: Create an Amazon EKS cluster | GitLab

Maybe that link is what you need for configuring EKS via the new method since the older method is no longer valid.

Yes - thats the page. But this button is some awful bait-and-switch, because nothing about this UI signals “deprecated”:

What version of gitlab? Mine looks completely different:

I only see a kubernetes option from the group view. Not under project unless like mine under Infrastructure. And shows deprecated for certificates in this location.

So theres no group-level K8s support anymore? Its deprecated?

I am not Gitlab staff, so I see the same info as you. My screenshots are from 14.8.2 version of Gitlab. So what you see or read in the docs, I guess means it is what it is.