Need to install gitlab runner on amazon eks

Need to install gitlab runner on amazon eks

I need to install gitlab runner on amazon eks. I have followed the steps in official document: GitLab Runner Helm Chart | GitLab

But it doesn’t help me.

Steps I have done:

  • I have an ec2 machine with eks cluster in it.
  • I have created one directory named : gitlab-runner and copied values.yaml file into that directory
  • values.yaml file is taken from this url: values.yaml · main · / charts / GitLab Runner · GitLab
  • In values.yaml file as suggested in official doc I have replaced the gitlab url and runnerregistrationtoken taken from my gitlab account under settings->CI/CD-> Runners . Also I have given tag name as runner-nov29 in it. I havent changed any other values in values.yaml file and left everything as default
  • Now my folder has only values.yaml file.
  • Then I have executed the following commands:

helm repo add gitlab

helm install --namespace default gitlab-runner -f values.yaml gitlab/gitlab-runner

After these steps I could see runner in my gitlab account and it is active

But when I try to execute the pipeline for one my project .gitlab-ci-yaml file it throws out this error.

Its throwing error at secrets. I am very new to kubernetes and gitlab runner things. Please guide me step by step implementation.

Could any one help on this?

Hi @Preethi, were you able to fix this issue?
Do you have a working solution now?