Gitlab-runsvdir service failed to start with Ubuntu 18.04 GUI edition

Issue: After shutdown or reboot the Gitlab 12.5.2-ee in Ubuntu 18.04 GUI edition without attaching display(monitor), gitlab-runsvdir service will not start automatically. Due to this Gitlab application will fail to start. For this we need to start the service manually every time.

Route cause: gitlab-runsvdir service will never start if we boot the PC/Server without attaching the display (Monitor). So, to start the gitlab-runsvdir service which required display connection to the PC/Server during the boot. After booting process complete, you can detach the monitor

Please note, this issue caused with Ubuntu 18.04.2 GUI Desktop OS


that service is a systemd service unit, you’ll need to enable this to survive restarts.

systemctl status gitlab-runsvdir.service
systemctl enable gitlab-runsvdir.service
systemctl start gitlab-runsvdir.service


Hi Michael,

I agree with you and did run the same commands but did not help. During the system boot display should be attached for Ubuntu 18.04 GUI. In case if you start the PC without display gitlab-runsvdir service will not start automatically.