Gitlab Self Managed Instance Migrate/Upgrade - Validation and Testing


We are in the process of the migrating the existing Gitlab Self Managed Instance to a new server and then upgrade to the latest version of Gitlab.

We were able to successfully migrate the existing gitlab version gitlab-ee-12.7.2 instance using the “backup and restore” approach.

Before proceeding with the upgrade process we would like to validate and test newly migrated gitlab-ee-12.7.2 instance. I have used the following gitlab-rake tasks for validation and testing.

sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:env:info
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:license:info
sudo gitlab-rake db:migrate:status
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:check
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:git:fsck
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:artifacts:check
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:lfs:check
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:uploads:check
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:ldap:check
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:orphans:check
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:orphans:check_namespaces
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:orphans:check_repositories
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:incoming_email:check
sudo gitlab-rake file_hooks:validate

How do you test/validate your migrations/upgrades? Is there a better/effective way to test and validate a newly migrated/upgraded gitlab instance?

I appreciate your support/feedback.

Thank you.