Gitlab server is unresponsive during the backup

Hi all, we have a small issue with gitlab backups.
We have configured gitlab to store backups locally on a hard drive and remotely with NAS and CIFS, the problem is that we have high iowait during backup hours (approximately 1,5 h, 90 Gb backup) and the server becomes unresponsive, basically we can’t use gitlab during this time.
I searched for some bandwidth/io limitations but seems like gitlab provides only GITLAB_BACKUP_MAX_CONCURRENCY setting to control this.
Also, we’d like to disable artifacts backup, since we don’t really need them, also didn’t find anything in docs. Does anyone encounter such an issue?

As per the docs:

sudo gitlab-backup create SKIP=artifacts

Yeah, my bad. Just after writing this post, i found this setting in docs. Thank you very much, hope this will help somebody in the future.

About the high IO, not sure what kind of disks you got or whether it is network storage. I generally had some problems with systems on sata especially when high disk IO, so tend to only run SAS or SSD/NVMe now - so with the amount of data might be something to look into. 90GB over a 1Gbps network connection for about 1.5h sounds about right.