Gitlab Support/Alert bot


Any one can say me if it’s normal:


Ghost users support-bot and alert-bot (click on it do 404 error)

  • Gitlab-ee core 12.4.*
  • Sign up: Off
  • LDAP: On

We don’t have such users (or entries in the “Latest users” list) on our EE instance. We also currently use 12.4.2, and have Sign up disabled, but we don’t have LDAP on (our configuration management creates users via the API).

Need issue on gitlab ?

Any update on this? Also Why are bots using licence seats?

Hello, guys!

I have the same questions: how to disable this bots, if click on it redirects to 404, and why this bots use license seats?

There is no resolution yet?

As of 12.8.5-CE, the GitLab Alert Bot shows up as External, whereas the Support Bot seems to be restricted to EE.

Background: The alert-bot has recently been moved to CE:

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This for “support-bot”