GitLab to Jira Integration - Personal Access Token Question

Hello -
I am taking on the task to get my organization’s GitLab instance integrated with our Jira instance, specifically at the Jira project level. I have been learning from GitLab documentation, and most of it seems straightforward.

At this point my organization is asking me for our GitLab Personal Access Token (PAT) along with the GitLab API key. I’m being told they need this on the Jira end.

In regards to the PAT - I understand how to generate the PAT via the profile settings, however, it seems that this PAT will limit the push to just the individual’s account. Is there any way possible to generate some kind of “Team” PAT that would include a specific list of users? Any way to generate a PAT that is not limited to 1 user?

Ultimately what I am trying to achieve with the GitLab to Jira integration is to have work logged in GitLab to populate on designated custom fields in Jira. Is such a connection even possible? Forgive me, as I am new and still learning all I can about GitLab. Any help or insight here would be really appreciated. Thanks.

Hi. Does anyone have any advice or insight here? I’m not really sure how to go about this. Struggling at the moment.


The way I understand it from the docs: Jira integrations | GitLab

If Jira Server on-site, then in Gitlab you use the username/password for an account on your Jira instance.

If Jira on Atlassian cloud, then the API key needs to be created on the Jira side, and then you need to configure Gitlab with that API key.

I don’t see anything in the documentation that says you create a Gitlab API Token and use that in Jira. I don’t use Jira, so cannot help more than that.

This link also: Configure the Jira integration in GitLab | GitLab

shows the steps, and also when configuring the project also hints at user info from the Jira-side. No Gitlab API key is required to add on the Jira server.