Gitlab UI Query/Path Params

Hi All,
I have a gitlab server in my private server, running in my private network, and I don’t have access to its api’s from where my server is being run (AWS). However, the user who logs into my server, is on the private network (he can access both). So for me launching the gitlab url in the browser, with some path/query param works great in order to view a commit etc.

e.g to view a commit I pass it in the URL path like this:{{my-commit-id}}
and launch this int he browser and it works great to view the commit and its files and descriptions.

But I need some more support with this. What I want to achieve is list all the commits with their 1 liner description between two commits (SHA’s). e.g between Commit1 and Commit2 there could be 10 more commits, and I want to list them like:

Commit1-SHA Commit1 description

Commit-n-SHA Commit-n description

Commit2-SHA. Commit2 description

is there a way to achieve this with the existing gitlab UI ?

any help will be appreciated.

I think the closest you can get with the UI, without using the APIs, is the “compare” page:

You insert a SHA before the ... and a sha after, and you see all the commits between, plus the diff

@rpadovani excellent. May be this will solve my problem for now. thanks for the answer.

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