GitLab Wallpaper (1920x1080) Enjoy!

Enjoy! Created by the Incursus creative design team, aka the “creative crazies”, aka “the village idiots” :slight_smile:

Can’t figure out how to get an image to show up here, so I’ll just post the link.



Simply Beautiful, Great work :slight_smile:
Please Show us if you have more

@kelvinmutuma @axil @stanhu


Thank you, Scott! It looks beautiful. I believe a number of people on the team have made this image their background screen.

Thanks for the kind words, and so thrilled that you guys like it! We will probably end up doing some more fan art with GitLab soon, depending on our schedules. Yes, we like GitLab that much :slight_smile:

Oh, you can check out our whole fan art gallery here:


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Oh yeah, it looks awesome! Make more please :slight_smile:

Ha! Very nice! And a very clean desktop. Mine is not so fortunate lol.

that’s awesome! :smiley: Wanna create one themed for our next summit in MEXICO?!

They just finished it … will post it in a new thread here :smiley: