Can't access my group on, its disappeared because it has no owner now! Please help!

This happened on

I created a Subgroup in my Maingroup, with New Subgroup - Create a subgroup in this group.
I inherited access to my Subgroup from the Maingroup, but i was not set as an owner.
I wanted to be the real owner.
(This is the default behaviour on gitlab when creating Subgroup.)

So i tought if i move out the Subgroup to the Maingroup top level, i become the real owner, not just inherited.
So i moved out with Settings / Transfer group / No parent group.


My Subgroup disappeared, i cannot access it anymore, and i cannot see it, it is a private group.
Its because it has now no owner, and no member.
My Subgroup group path is still taken, and i cannot create a group with the same path.

Please help!

Some admin need to check that i created it, and set back to me as owner.
Please help! How can i get my group back?