Lost access to git repository

Hi, we moved the gitgroup to https://gitlab.com/kaipara-sw6

Unfortunatly now we havo no access to that group anymore.
What can we do?


Hi @sebastianlenz

I think this is probably a question for GitLab support rather than for fellow users on the forum.

Good luck!

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Support said we should write here because we are on the free tier…

Hmm, well, I’m not sure whether I can help, but what do you mean when you say that you don’t have access to the group?

I moved the group, that was a subgroup of another group to be a group without parent group.
Then i was redirected to the new groups url but unfortuatly it showed me a 404 error. In the search i could not find the group anymore.


If you go to your own profile page, and look through your list of groups, and your list of projects, can you see either the group or any of its projects there?

No, it’s not there.

Hmm. You can look through the issues list and see whether there’s anything there that’s related that you could up-vote. However, it does sound like maybe this is something specific to your account.

@dnsmichi any ideas?