HA for gitlab-ce

I want to set up my own gitlab server with high available, multi gitlab application with redis cluster, postgre sql cluster and so on.

I found the docs of gitlab-ee, like https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/administration/reference_architectures/3k_users.html .

I want to known whether the above doc also apply for gitlab-ce?


Hi @bulreed

You could just change “ee” in the url for “ce” like the link below:

and then you have the answer.

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Thank you for your reply.
The url of ce will redirect to ee, and gitlab-ce without consul, consul sentinel is just for ee, so is there another method to build HA for gitlab-ce, or build consul for gitlab-ce by myself?

Well if consul is just for EE (EEP), then I guess no. You will be limited to the cluster functionality of what is available in CE.

Since EE features are not open-source, no you don’t have any way to build it yourself as far as I am aware. So, either choose the simpler HA setup with CE, or purchase the EE functionality if you want it.