What Tier for Reference architecture: up to 3,000 users on Self Managed

Hi GitLab Team,

I’m thinking about testing the reference architecture for High Availability on Self Hosted Servers. And I am not sure what tier is actually needed.

Here Reference architecture: up to 3,000 users | GitLab is written that Premium tier is needed.
But Based on this list Self-Managed Feature Comparison | GitLab only the Packaged “PostgreSQL with replication and failover” feature is missing in the free tier. And The PostgreSQL can be installed externally without using the GitLab bundled one.

So my question is, is it possible to use the FREE TIER for Self Managed High Availability architecture? Thank you.

Ales Pejznoch

Consul and Sentinel are also paid-only.

You can drop Sentinel if you bring your own Redis and Consul if you bring your own PostgreSQL with a single endpoint (connection string).

Advanced search is Premium-only as well (but that is an optional in that reference arch).

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