Hardware for Multiple channel Video Installation


I am building an installation to play across 7 HD 1080p monitors.Because of the heavy processing power needed to run the 1080p video, I’ve been assuming that I will need dedicated computers for each of the monitors for the installation to run smoothly. I have 2 intel mac minis right now, and I was going to look into acquiring 5 more for the installation.I also checked few installation video for solution but did not get any… However, due to financial restraints, I’m curious out other possibilities.
To the best of your knowledge, will there be enough power in this system for the installation to run smoothly? I really don’t know how much of the processing responsibility falls onto the CPUs and how much on the GPUs in a setup like this. I’d imagine that if the CPUs handle the brunt of the load, than splitting between 7 or 8 monitors in a situation like this would not be feasible. However, if the majority of the processing falls onto the GPUs then I’m imagining this might be enough to pull it off.

Any help, or workaround recommendations would be most appreciated.
Thanks in advance,