Hardware requirements for an external postgresql instance

I was looking for the hardware requirements for a remote postgreql instance used with Gitlab but the requirements page doesn’t describe them. Can anyone share its config? What would be the minimum?

Database system requirement depends too much on how many projects and users there is and the repository size.
If it’s the absolute minimum requirement, it’s just the minimum system requirement for PostgreSQL. I’ve found that as the repository size grows, more cpu and memory are required or the system will become very slow. However, I’ve found that most system bottleneck problem is on the application server side rather than on the database side.

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my isp provides a service with a db of 64GB and 4GB o ram. Maybe i should start with it then . Thanks for the answer.

Hi…as per my knowledge 4-core 4GB more than sufficient for 300 users, adding SSD’s for DB and Web Server separately can as well double up the users your server can take.As for operating system, I am window server user, so can only assist in that, else you will find plenty of Linux users that can assist. If using Windows, make sure it’s no less than Server 2008 R2, newer the better.
It’s not always one component defining the performance it’s always finding a sweet spot of performance that data flows from HD to CPU in a smooth seamless flow, rather than any one thing working as a bottle neck whilst others are waiting for data processing. So 4 core CPU with 4GB RAM together with server optimizations and making use of plug-ins like OpCache.

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