Helm v3 vs. Gitlab Runner


I have gitlab v12.8.2 and kubernetes v1.17.3 with helm v3 installed.
Both Gitlab and Kubernetes are already connected via the Kubernetes Cluster dialog in Gitlab.

When I try to install “Gitlab Runner” I’m forced to install “Helm Tiller” first. Unfortunately this fails because I’m already running Helm v3 and with this version Helm maintainers removed “tiller” completely and also removed “helm init” (see also: Helm | Docs).

Question: Is there any chance to get Gitlab-Runner installed in my Kubernetes cluster (with Helm v3) and connected to my Gitlab?

(Sidenote: Kubernetes Cluster and Gitlab uses both self signed SSL certificates what makes it necessary to share cert + CA chain and therefore more complex.)

Looking forward for any help!