Help for ... changing directory?


I’m new in this forum, and I’ve just read through all the required details to explain the problem, though … I wonder if I’m not off topic.

Iin fact I’m stuck here : Self-compiled installation | GitLab

I mean, I have a 24.04 LTS ubuntu, and I wanted to install Gitlab, but as the 24.04 package is not available, I turned to self-compiled installation, I’ve gone through some slight adjustments (for libncurses5-dev and runit-systemd for instance, gem and npm …), but : I cannot cd into /home/git.

I don’t understand which user I should run to continue the installation : has someone already met that ?

(I REALLY understand the ‘basicallity’ of my question, for sure… but I’m stuck)

You can use the Ubuntu 22.04 package on Ubuntu 24.04 until they produce a 24.04 version. No need to compile from source. When you follow the install steps with the curl command that adds the repository file, go to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gitlab-xxxxxx.list (whatever the full name is), and replace the 24.04 codename (I think noble) with jammy (which is 22.04).